Animals at the Zoo

Welcome to Dickerson Park Zoo!

Here you can see more than 450 animals. Follow our 1.2 mile tour to spot more than 450 amazing animals from all around the world. Before you visit, take a quick virtual tour here to meet just a few iconic ambassadors.

South America

Start your visit in the South Americas and journey to see some of the zoo’s most unique and playful animals.

Maned Wolf

The Maned Wolves are some of Dickerson Park Zoo’s stinkiest animals, but they are very interesting! They may look like a long-legged fox and are called a wolf, but they are actually neither. Maned wolves are a distinct species.

Golden Lion Tamarin

In South America you will also find the Golden Lion Tamarins! These little guys get their name because of their bright reddish/orange pelage and their long hairs around their face, resembling a lion’s mane. The hair on their head also can be used to communicate their mood. What does your hair say about your mood?


Of course, in South America, you will also run across the blue and yellow macaws. Macaws actually use their screams to mark territory, locate other macaws, play, and signal danger.


Journey to Australia next! Australia has one of the most rugged terrains in the world and throughout the continent one can find desserts, mountains, beaches and more. Not only is their terrain fairly intense, but Australia also has some of the most extreme animals in the world.

Red Kangaroo

Red kangaroos are Australia's largest living marsupials and at Dickerson Park Zoo there just happens to be a few kangaroos running around! Joeys (baby kangaroos) are about two centimeters in length and weigh less than a gram. Upon birth, the joey actually crawls up to the mother’s pouch where it lives and matures for six months!


Next you can find the emus in Australia. Emus are ratites, which gives them their shaggy looking appearance. Being a ratite means that their feathers do not interlock.


The kookaburra is one of Dickerson Park Zoo’s favorite animals. Kookaburras actually make a sound that resembles a laugh and it is one of their most recognizable qualities. When a kookaburra makes their call, it signals to other family members and it can become a family chorus!

North America

Just when you think you can’t get much better after walking through South America and Australia, your next stop is North America. Now, while most visitors here at Dickerson Park Zoo are from the Americas, many may forget some of the more fascinating animals that actually still roam all over the continent.

Mountain Lion

In North America you will find the mountain lion. Mountain lions are fierce hunters and actually pounce on their prey from behind. They bite into the base of the skull and break their victim’s neck. Yikes! Mountain lions also have many names, they are commonly referred to as: cougars, pumas, catamounts, and panthers.

River Otter

Another fun animal you will find here at Dickerson Park Zoo are the river otters. The river otters are some of the most interactive animals here at the zoo. They are constantly playing, swimming, and just flat enjoying themselves. Also, they love all weather!

Black Bear

Catch the black bears, Lil Bear and Yona, while visiting the park. Both bears are rescues, however, they are not brothers, but practically grew up together. The bears do not go into full hibernation here, rather, they go into torpor which is a state of decreased activity.

Tropical Asia

Tropical Asia is next on the list when touring the zoo. Some of the Asian rainforests are considered to be some of the oldest rainforests in the world! Because of their vast landscape and great age, Asia has some very unique animals.

Malayan Tiger

In Asia you can see the Malayan tiger. There are only five species of tiger remaining today, and the Malayan tiger is the second smallest of the remaining tigers. Tigers have extremely good night vision. In fact, a tigers night vision is six times better than the average humans’ night vision capabilities. Tigers also love to swim (unlike most cats).


Makali and Sebastian are Dickerson Park Zoo’s breeding pair of siamangs! The two have a beautiful duet song that they created together. A siamang’s song can last up to 15 minutes, and the two breeding pairs learn their parent’s songs, and take pieces of it and put it together to create their own lovely tune.


In Asia, one will also find the Asian elephants. Dickerson Park Zoo cares for: Patience, Moola, Hugo, and Indy. Hugo, Dickerson Park Zoo’s youngest Asian elephant, is very playful! The keepers at Dickerson Park Zoo spend the early morning scattering different foods and snacks for the elephants to find, as a source of enrichment and stimulation.


Last but not least comes Africa! Africa is home to many exciting and dangerous animals, including: lions, rinos, leopards, buffalo, and elephants. When you visit Dickerson Park Zoo you can experience Africa and some of its glory.


Dickerson Park Zoo currently cares for one of the members of the big five: the lion. Ade and Shetani are the two lions here at DZP. Ade actually roars often and a lion’s roar can be heard from over five miles away, so keep your ears open while on your visit, you may just hear a lion roar!


Another great African animal that you will see at Dickerson Park Zoo is the cheetah. Dickerson Park Zoo is actively participating with the SSP (Species Survival Plan) to breed cheetahs, and DPZ has been very successful. Breeding programs are extremely important for cheetahs because they are endangered, and their breeding rates in the wild are significantly low.


Also in Africa you will find the giraffes. Giraffes are the tallest animal in the world, with tongues up to 16 inches long for them to be able to reach tall branches and leaves. In fact, giraffe tongues are partially black in coloration, in order to help protect their tongues from the sun! Almost like giraffe sunscreen!

Now that you have learned a bit about some of Dickerson Park Zoo’s favorite animals, come out and visit to see the rest of the furry, feathery, and scaly animals.

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