Donation Requests

Requesting a donation from Dickerson Park Zoo

Dickerson Park Zoo/Friends of the Zoo is pleased to help support our local and surrounding communities. Due to the abundance of donation requests we receive, we ask that all organizations use the following guidelines when submitting a charitable donation request.


Dickerson Park Zoo/Friends of the Zoo does not make financial contributions.

Dickerson Park Zoo does not make contributions to:

Any organization that discriminates on the basis of race, religion, sex or national origin
Political or partisan candidates or organizations

Please mail or fax charitable request letter to:

Dickerson Park Zoo
3043 North Fort
Springfield, MO 65803
Fax: 417-833-4459

Organization must be a charitable event or school fundraiser. As a non-profit organization, Dickerson Park Zoo/Friends of the Zoo does not give complimentary passes to commercial businesses for non-charitable activities.

It must be at least one year since the organization last received a donation from Dickerson Park Zoo.

Requests must be made four weeks prior to event or media deadlines.

Request must be made in writing, please submit on organization’s letterhead. Written requests must include:

  • Charitable organization’s name/event and summary of the organization’s/event’s purpose/mission
  • Explanation of how the zoo’s donation will be recognized in promotion of the event, at the event and following the event
  • Contact name, phone number and email
  • Mailing address
  • Date of the event