Zoo Education

Zoo Education Broadens the Realization of Animals (Z.E.B.R.A.)

Z.E.B.R.A. Classes at Dickerson Park Zoo open the amazing world of animals to children from tots to teens. Encourage curiosity, appreciation and wonder with up-close animal encounters where students learn through hands-on activities and experiences, crafts, stories and games, all designed to instill a lifelong love of learning and animal conservation and care.

Z.E.B.R.A. classes make great holiday gifts!

Winter/Spring 2017 Z.E.B.R.A Classes

All classes 10:00-11:00 a.m.
$10/FOZ Member; $15/Non-member

February:  Fancy Felines

#105     Wednesday, February 22

March:  Cunning Canines

#106 Saturday, March 11
#107 Monday, March 13     LIMITED OPENINGS
#108 Wednesday, March 22

April: Teeny Tiny Tadpoles

#109 Saturday, April 8
#110 Monday, April 10     CLOSED
#111 Tuesday, April 18

All classes 10:00-11:30 a.m.

$15/FOZ Member;  $20/Non-member

Student drop-off classes. Parents do not stay with child.

February:  Fancy Felines

#114 Thursday, February 23
#115 Saturday, February 25

March:  Cunning Canines

#116 Thursday, March 23
#117 Saturday, March 25

April: Teeny Tiny Tadpoles

#118 Thursday, April 27
#119 Saturday, April 29

All classes 1:00-3:00 p.m.

$20/FOZ Member;  $30/Non-member

January:  Playful Pets

#120 Saturday, January 21

February:  Fancy Felines

#121 Saturday, February 18

March:  Cunning Canines

#122 Saturday, March 18

April:  Teeny Tine Tadpoles

#123 Saturday, April 15


All classes 10:30-11:15 a.m.

$10/FOZ Member; $15/Non-member

February:  Chinchilla

#128 Friday, February 24
#129 Tuesday, February 28  CANCELED

March:  Black Handed Spider Monkey

#130 Saturday, March 18
#131 Friday, March 24
#132 Tuesday, March 28

April:  Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

#133 Saturday, April 15
#134 Tuesday, April 25
#135 Friday, April 28


Join us at the zoo each month as we focus on a different topic, such as: learning about a new animal, “visiting” a different part of the world or trying out a new art technique.  There's so much to learn and do at Dickerson Park Zoo!

All classes 2:00-4:00 p.m.

$20/FOZ Member;  $30/Non-member

#142 Sunday, March 26
#143 Sunday, April 23

Of course we can see amazing animals at Dickerson Park Zoo, but wildlife is all around us every day- even in our own backyards!  Join us for an exciting series of classes where we will learn what we can do to enjoy the native plants and animals in our own neighborhoods.  From creating nature journals to making feeders to attract Missouri birds, let’s tackle conservation together and help make our community a better place.

All classes 2:00-4:00 p.m.

$20/FOZ Member;  $30/Non-member

#152 Sunday, March 5
#153 Sunday, April 9

Spend your Spring Break at the zoo learning what it takes to be the ultimate predator!  During this two-day camp, we will learn about predator adaptations through biofact exploration and up-close encounters with live animals, as well as through games, crafts, and other fun activities.

$40/FOZ Member;  $55/Non-member

#160 March 13 & 14, 1:00-4:00 p.m

While school is out of session for Springfield Public Schools, why not head to the zoo to learn about the animals while also perfecting our photography skills?  We’ll start by learning photo taking techniques in the classroom, have some up-close animal encounters, then tour the zoo to practice and snap some truly “wild” photos.  This two-day class will culminate with a student gallery show where the kids can show off their best photograph.

Bring your digital camera and be sure to charge those batteries!  A memory card is also required.

$40/FOZ Member;  $55/Non-member

#170 March 15 & 16, 1:00-4:00 p.m.

Zoo Medicine:

Learn how the zoo treats medical emergencies and cares for exotic animals.  Students will receive a Zoo Casebook and assist the veterinary staff with physicals, vaccinations, radiographs, blood tests and other daily acitivities.  This class is designed for students interested in a career in veterinary medicine and is open to 7th and 8th graders.  Students are required to wear closed-toe shoes and bring their own lunch.

$300/FOZ Member;  $375/Non-member

#180     Monday-Thursday, March 13-16,  9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Teacher & Parent Resources

Education Outreach

Bringing the Zoo to You

Outreach programs for school classrooms, groups and civic organizations “Animal Encounters” for preschools and daycare centers.

Video Conferencing

Dickerson Park Zoo and the Discovery Center are collaborating to offer zoo classes to schools via videoconferencing. Each class is presented by a zoo staff member and will include several live animals.

All About Mammals!

What are mammals? What makes them different? We’ll talk about these things and learn how to classify mammals based on certain characteristics. Fun mammal facts will be presented as we check out some mammals from the zoo! (1-5)

Endangered Animals

Animals play a very important part in this world, but some animals’ existence is threatened. Find out why and what we can do to stop animal extinction. (5-12)

Animal Families

Learn about family groups and structures and how animals raise their young. (PreK-2)

Your Wild Backyard

Our backyards play a very important role in conserving nature. Learn about all the animals found in our backyards, as well as how to attract them and build a healthy backyard habitat. (PreK-5)

All About Birds!

Learn about these feathered animals and their unique features. Birds can be classified by beak size and shape, body size and shape, and even foot size and shape. We’ll learn about these grouping and meet some of the zoo’s birds and use them as live models for learning. (1-5)All About Reptiles!

We’ll learn about these scaled creatures as we use zoo animals to model their amazing features. Learn about the five classes of reptiles and discover the great diversity in reptile morphology. Physical and behavioral adaptations will be discussed. (1-5)

All About Reptiles

We’ll learn about these scaled creatures as we use zoo animals to model their amazing features. Learn about the five classes of reptiles and discover the great diversity in reptile morphology. Physical and behavioral adaptations will be discussed. (1-5)

Animal Awareness

Learn about the characteristics of mammals, birds, and reptiles, as we compare and contrast these animals. We’ll discuss traits as modeled by our live zoo animals. (Pre-K-2)

Cost and Scheduling:

Classes are $150 per video conference. Classes should be booked a minimum of two weeks in advance. To book a video conference or for more information call the Programs Coordinator at:
417-862-9910, ext. 726 or visit the Discovery Center’s Web site.

For more information about education programs at Dickerson Park Zoo and outreach programs for schools and organizations, please contact the Education Department by phone, 417-833-1570, or by email.